Be gas ready

We work year-round to keep the gas network safe and reliable for our customers. Find out how you can be gas ready.

Ausnet gas distribution network

Our gas distribution network

Our gas network covers western Melbourne and central and western Victoria. We work all year to maintain, upgrade and extend our network so we can continue supplying safe and reliable gas to our customers.

Two gas fitters working outdoors

Major gas projects

We're focused on building a safe and reliable gas network for our customers year-round. One of the ways we do this, is by renewing older gas mains.

Over the last 12 months we have upgraded existing low-pressure gas mains in Western Victoria by replacing existing cast iron, PVC and galvanised low-pressure mains with high-pressure modern polyethylene pipes (poly pipes).

We prioritise regions in our network predicted to experience more cold snaps and consecutive cold days, areas with higher gas leakage rates which is an important safety concern, and those communities facing possible outages on the fringes of expanding networks.

We’re aiming to convert the whole of our Low-Pressure Mains network to High Pressure by 2028, which equates to upgrading 273.4km of mains within 5 years.

Reduce your gas bill

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Are you gas ready

Gas Factsheets

Start with a few simple steps to stay safe, warm and energy efficient over winter.

  • Get your gas appliances serviced by a qualified gasfitter every two years.
  • Set your heater thermostat between 18 and 20 degrees; every degree higher can add 15% to your winter bills.
  • Keep our emergency numbers handy: 13 67 07 for gas leaks or supply interruptions; 1800 818 832 for life support customers.

Stay connected

To get updates on outages, make sure your gas retailer has your mobile number and email address. They’ll pass it onto us, and we’ll start sending you updates.

You can also follow us on Facebook for information and updates on outages and the latest news on our network improvements.