Prepare for a gas outage

Learn about interruption to gas supply and how to identify your gas meters' valve off/ on position.

Unplanned interruptions

Even with the best-managed networks, unforeseen incidents may cause temporary gas supply interruptions. We always strive to fix these problems as quickly as possible to lessen the inconvenience to our customers.

No gas supply:

  • If you experience no gas supply, contact your gas retailer during business hours - the number is provided on your gas bill.
  • For after hours, please contact us.


  • Customers can assist us by reporting any interruptions or faults including part supply or gas leaks that they observe in our gas networks
  • For your safety, please stay clear of suspected faulty gas pipes.
  • Before reporting a fault, please check that your gas meter has not been turned off.
  • To report a fault, please contact us.

Planned interruptions

We endeavor to maintain a highly reliable gas supply to homes and businesses. But in order to carry out planned maintenance, we may need to interrupt your gas supply for short periods. If your property will be affected by our gas mains renewal works, we'll give you two forms of notice before the works start:

  1. You will receive advance notice of a range of dates for when the work will likely take place.
  2. Once the work at your property is scheduled, you will find a card in your letterbox giving you the exact date.

Work will take place between 8.30am and 4.00pm, and your property's gas supply will be turned off. When the gas supply is restored to the street, a representative will turn on the gas and check the supply to your appliances.

If you cannot be present on the day of the works, we will leave further instructions on how to safely restore the gas supply to your appliances or you can arrange another time for us to assist you.

If your gas meter needs upgrading, or if we plan to interrupt your supply for any other reason, then we will still notify you in advance of the works by leaving a brochure giving a range of dates for when the work will likely take place. Again, you can choose to relight your gas yourself, or you can arrange a time for us to return to assist you.