We embrace our role in keeping the lights on for our customers and communities. We operate our business so that we can play our role in accelerating a sustainable future.

ground level solar array with high voltage transmission lines in the background

Our approach to sustainability

Our goal is to sustainably support our people, communities and the environments in which we operate, while enabling them to thrive today and into the future. 

We believe sustainability is also about managing our operational and financial risks and reducing any adverse impacts on our environment, communities, cultures and economies. As we grow and strive to make a positive difference, sustainability will become a measure of our success and the foundation to help us make effective decisions. 

The way we manage sustainability also impacts global sustainability issues, such as climate change, reducing inequality, increasing human rights and the rate of social change. Our approach to sustainability considers issues at a local and global scale, aligning our purpose, strategy, values and priorities with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and The Paris Agreement.    

We previously included our sustainability reporting in our annual reports. Following our acquisition on 16 February 2022 by Australian Energy Holdings No 4 Pty Ltd (AEH No. 4) - a company controlled by Brookfield Asset Management – we will only release annual financial reports going forward. For more information on the acquisition, see About