Register your mobile

Title: Register your mobile
Duration: 27 seconds 
Narration: Male voiceover

[Video begins]

[Voiceover]: We’re AusNet, your natural gas distributor. We manage over 12 000 kilometers of gas mains across Western Melbourne and Central and Western Victoria, and support over 760 000 gas customers.

[Description]: We see an animation of a map of Victoria with a gas transmission line superimposed on top.

[Voiceover]: Want to receive updates on outages? Register your mobile with your energy retailer to receive important maintenance updates or during an emergency.

[Description]: We see an animation of a broken pipe line.

[Description]: We see an animation of an alert in the screen of a mobile phone.

[Voiceover]: Are you gas ready? Visit us online to find out more.

[Description]: We see an animation of a gas stove top turn on. Cut to blue screen with the following text:

13 67 07