Tips for before, during and after an outage

Before an outage

Register as a life support customer
If you rely on medical equipment, we can provide you extra support during an outage.
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Prepare for an electrical outage
It’s important that you consider how a power outage might affect your home or business.
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Prepare for a gas outage
Make sure you’re ready if the unexpected happens, with our planning checklists and helpful tips.
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4 ways to charge your mobile phone 
Consider buying or borrowing some of these items to keep your phone charged during an outage.
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Be power prepared
We work year-round to keep the electricity network safe and reliable for our customers.
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Planned and unplanned outages, what do they mean?
Some power outages are pre-planned for necessary maintenance works and upgrades. Some outages are caused by unexpected damage to the network.
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During an outage

How we prioritise getting the power back on
Our control room considers these things when prioritising the list of outages our crews work on.
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Finding the information you need during an unplanned power outage
From real-time updates online, to information direct to your phone. Here’s how to stay in-the-know during an outage.
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Delays when restoring power
Learn about some unpredictable events that cause delays in getting your power back on.
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Tips to survive an evening without power
Here are some creative ideas to help you manage dinner, entertainment and bedtime safely without power.
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Staying connected during an unplanned power outage
Follow these five tips to ensure you have the information you need during an outage.
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Staying comfortable during an outage
Stay cool or warm without power with these practical hints and tips for you and your home.
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After an outage

Want to claim for a sustained outage or voltage variation? Start a claim or request an insurance letter.
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