4 ways to charge your mobile phone 

Consider buying or borrowing some of these items to keep your phone charged during an outage.

During a power outage, you need a smart phone to get our updates and other important information. Keeping your smart phone charged when the power is out might require some extra equipment. You can consider buying or borrowing one of these 4 alternative power sources to stay connected.

Power banks

A power bank (sometimes called a battery pack) is like a portable battery that you plug your phone in to charge. You can buy them at stores that sell electronic devices.

Most can charge a smartphone many times over, and some can even power laptops. To help you choose the right power bank for you, check the power bank’s capacity and compatibility with your phone, and read this Choice article.

Remember, always keep your power bank charged so when there’s an unplanned outage, it’s ready to go!

Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

A UPS not only provides battery back-up, but it’s also a permanent fixture that automatically turns on when the power goes out, so your connected devices won’t lose power. They usually provide surge protection too, so your appliances will be protected from damage that can happen from changes in voltage levels. The power output will depend on the UPS device, but they are generally designed to provide short-term power (enough to save and safely shut down your connected devices).  

Car charger

Most modern vehicles have a USB port. If your car doesn’t, you can buy an adapter that plugs into the lighter port of your car. If you don’t have a cable that can charge your phone from a USB port, visit your local electrical goods store to buy one, or borrow one from family or friends.

Never leave your car running in an enclosed space, like a garage or car port.

Portable generators

A portable generator is another way you can power electrical appliances during an outage. It’s a device that converts mechanical or chemical energy into electricity.

You can find generators at any good hardware store. When using a generator, it’s very important to follow all the safety instructions as they can cause electrocution, fire or asphyxiation when not used correctly. For more information, visit Energy Safe Victoria

If you’re currently not in a power outage, get prepared by getting one of these power sources today. To make sure you have the information you need during an outage, read Staying connected during a power outage.