Finding the information you need during an unplanned power outage

Stay informed and connected through our updates from the field direct to your phone.

Power outages can be unexpected and challenging. Here's how you can stay informed and prepared during one. 

Outage Tracker - the source of all outage information

Our interactive Outage Tracker is updated every minute to show all current planned and unplanned outages in our electricity distribution network. This includes current outage locations, the status each outage, and the estimated time we might be able to get the power back on. All you need to do is type the address into the search field.  

If you can’t find your outage by searching your address, it’s likely that we do not know about it yet. To let us know, you can quickly Report a fault online (it’ll only take a few minutes) or call 13 17 99.  

SMS and email notifications

We get your phone and email details from your electricity retailer (the company that send you your electricity bills).

If your power goes out, we will SMS and/or email you if we have your details. These messages will sometimes include links to online information you might find useful. These links will begin with ‘’ and are safe to click on. To tell us if you'd prefer updates by SMS or email (or both!), update your unplanned outage communication preferences online

Social media updates

We often post extra information, including photos from our crews in the field, during large unplanned outage events. Follow us on Facebook for updates during an outage. It’s also worth following your local council’s social media pages for important local updates, such as any information or relief centres that have been set up in your area.

Outage Hub

Finally, if you’re looking for general information about outages, there are lots of tips and hints on our Outage Hub. Learn how to prepare for an outage, how to manage without electricity during an outage and what to do after an outage.

We understand it’s never a good time to be without electricity and we work hard all year round to make our network safe and reliable. If your power goes out without warning, we will give you as much information as possible through our Outage Tracker, website, Facebook page, SMS and/or email.