Our people

Creating a culture of high performance, with growing future-focused capability

Our people are at the heart of our success.

We are:

  • working hard to foster a diverse culture that supports our people to perform at the highest level
  • investing in building capability and setting our people up for success today and in the future
  • building an inclusive organisation where every person is valued and able to uniquely contribute to delivering our strategy.

Inclusion and Diversity

Workforce inclusion and diversity are fundamental to our business success. Together, they enrich us as a leading modern energy company, inspire high performance, strengthen our reputation and drive sustainable growth.

We’re committed to fostering a diverse workplace and inclusive culture consistent with our corporate values. Our employees:

  • openly share their unique perspectives
  • challenge the status quo
  • contribute their experience to achieve the best possible business outcome.

We continue to make progress on some key gender metrics in our Inclusion and Diversity strategy. We are strongly focused on attracting, developing and retaining women of all ages to join and stay in our business.

We ensure our recruitment process and employment brand has:

  • no bias
  • a gender-balanced short list
  • at least one female on the interview panel
  • at least one female in final round interviews.

We also:

  • actively monitor gender pay equity
  • support, sponsor and develop female students to consider careers in the energy industry through on-campus promotion in schools and universities, scholarships, sponsorships and research partnerships.

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