Guidelines for maintaining vegetation

There are rules and guidelines for spacing between vegetation and powerlines on private property.

Clearance space

The safe distance between vegetation (trees, branches and shrubs) and powerlines and poles is called a recommended clearance space. 

To maintain this recommended clearance space, you should prune vegetation before it grows within:

  • one meter of a service cable; or
  • two meters from a bare wire private electric line.

Service cables are either a thick black cable or a silver grey or black twisted cable that runs from the power pole on the street to your property.

Bare wire electric lines are generally bare metal and are part of private overhead electric lines (POELs) on a private property. We communicate directly with POEL customers so they’re aware of their rights and responsibilities. 

For more information, see Private Overhead Electrical Lines


Clearing requirements

Distribution powerlines recommended clearance space near vegetation 


Be safe

Don’t try to clear vegetation if is unsafe, for example too close to a powerline or taller trees. We recommend you engage a professional to trim and remove trees near powerlines.