Who to contact for support

Managing the vegetation across our distribution and transmission network takes a dedicated team.

We work with two trusted delivery partners to ensure our electricity network remains safe and reliable for our communities.  

North and north-eastern Victoria 

If you live in north or north-eastern Victoria, our delivery partner Active Tree Services is your main contact for vegetation management around powerlines. 

Active Tree Services logo

  • Active Tree Services
  • Phone: (03) 8383 8455 
  • Email: AusnetEnquiries@active.com.au 


South and south-eastern Victoria

If you live in south or south-eastern Victoria, our delivery partner ETS Infrastructure Management is your main contact for vegetation management around powerlines. 

ETS Infrastructure Management logo

  • ETS Infrastructure Management 
  • Phone: 1800 007 669
  • Email: vic.enquiries@ets.com.au 

What if your property borders these regions?

If you’re on the border of these regions, see the maps below to see who can help you out. The pink areas are covered by ETS Infrastructure Management, and the orange areas are covered by Active Tree Services. 

Map of Victoria with both delivery partner areas highlighted

Map of Victoria where the boundary where the two delivery partners service