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Solar, Battery and other generation

Find information for installers and solar retailers on network requirements, paperwork, timelines, processes and tariffs.

We’re making some changes

With the introduction of the Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Register, we will be making some small changes to our Solar Pre-Approval tool, as well as implementing a NEW Post Installation tool! The changes, including the new tool, will now be launched in late February 2020

Click here for more information on the upcoming changes to our Solar and Battery connection process.

What has already changed?

AusNet Services Connection Agreements have been updated. This is the contract between us and the customer to allow the customer to export back into the grid safely and effectively. 

From 1 December 2019 we require that all new inverters have power quality response mode settings applied at the time of installation.

Access the new Basic Micro Embedded Generation Model Standing Offer here. Click here for the Victorian Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP) Basic Micro EG Connections Power Quality Response Mode settings.