AusNet REFCL 2022 Video transcript

Title: AusNet REFCL 2022
Duration: 1 minute 1 second 
Narration: Female voiceover

[Video begins]

[Voiceover]: At AusNet Services we’re working with the Victorian government to create safer powerlines to reduce the risk of bushfires.

[Description]: We see a helicopter flying over powerlines.

[Voiceover]: Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiters are leading edge technology that will help deliver on recommendations from the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission.

[Description]: We see the rapid earth fault current limiter technology and men sitting in a control room.

[Voiceover]: They work to limit the amount of energy released when a connection is made between a powerline and the ground, reducing the risk of powerline related bushfires. This new technology is being rolled out across communities most at risk.

[Description]: We see AusNet field crew in high visibility safety gear working on a power line.

[Voiceover]: Working like a big safety switch, we’ve already installed REFCL protection at 14 of the 22 planned locations. And expect all locations to be completed by the 2023 summer.

[Description]: We see a bushfire risk indicator and AusNet field crew working driving to a site and working power lines as well as a variety of trucks and equipment.

[Voiceover]: While we install this important technology, you may experience interruptions to your electricity supply. And we will notify you well in advance of any planned outages.

[Description]: We see AusNet field staff in a control room and working on a power line.

[Voiceover]: We believe this technology will make a real difference, but it remains vital for everyone to keep their bushfire plans up to date.

[Description]: We see a blue screen with the following text:

AusNet services
Be power prepared this summer. 
We all have our part to play.