Top 10 family-friendly evening activities to do during an outage

Try our top 10 family-friendly evening activities to keep your household entertained during an outage.

Finding fun things to do without electricity just takes a little imagination. Try our top 10 family-friendly evening activities to keep your household entertained during a power outage.

  1. Candle-lit dinner

    You can make any meal special with candlelight. To be safe, use flameless candles to light your dinner table. Ask your children to dress the table with a tablecloth, napkins, flowers from the garden and anything else they can dream up to make dinnertime special.
  2. Game night

    Dust off the board games and deck of cards for some family fun time.
  3. Toast marshmallows

    If you have a fireplace or a bonfire outside, you can spend hours toasting these sweet treats.
  4. Put on a concert

    Perform music, dance, theatre and comedy for each other. Or get the torches out and tell ghost stories!
  5. Set up a pillow fort

    With a few pillows, cushions and blankets, you can turn your living room into any place imaginable.
  6. Go for a night walk

    Get your torches and walk around the block or your backyard. Remember, fallen powerlines can be deadly, so only leave your house if you know there are no hazards in the area. Take in the evening sounds, spot nocturnal wildlife or simply enjoy the stars.
  7. Read

    Read books with torchlight or go through old photo albums as a family.
  8. Write a letter

    Think of someone special and write them a letter. All you need is paper, a pen and a torch.
  9. Paint your nails

    You’ll love this activity because it will use up plenty of time!
  10. Visit family and friends

    You can get together with neighbours who are also experiencing an outage. This is a great way to check in on your neighbours and stay connected to your community. Or hop in the car and go visit family and friends who aren’t experiencing a power outage. 

When all the activities are done and everyone is tucked into bed, don’t forget to check your smart phone for SMS or email updates (we'll communicate with you according to your communication preferences). Staying connected during an outage means you’ll never miss an update.