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We own and operate the Victorian electricity transmission network, one of five electricity distribution networks, and one of three gas distribution networks in Victoria.

As well as the network businesses, our commercial business - Mondo - provides a range of energy and infrastructure products and services to business, government, communities and households.

These services include metering, asset intelligence and telecommunication solutions, as well as advanced energy management solutions enabling community energy hubs and solar mini grids.

AusNet Services is 32.3 per cent owned by Singapore Power, 19.9 per cent owned by State Grid of China and around 48 per cent publicly owned. We are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). 

We operate our three networks in a regulated environment meaning the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) sets the price movements for the electricity and gas networks once every five years by reviewing proposals submitted by electricity and gas businesses across Australia. The AER reviews proposals and makes decisions based on:

  • Projected demand
  • Age of infrastructure
  • Operating and financial costs
  • Network reliability and safety
  • Other relevant government policies

For more information on the AER’s role, please visit

Victoria’s energy network businesses are recognised as national leaders in efficiency and innovation; and Victorian electricity network tariffs represent a smaller share of consumer energy bills that those in other states.