Learn about AusNet, and our engagement with critical issues about the future of energy in Australia.

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We’re an Australian energy delivery services business, owning and operating more than $12 billion of electricity and gas network assets.

We own and operate the Victorian electricity transmission network, an electricity distribution network and a gas distribution network. We’re one of five electricity distributors, and one of three gas distributors in Victoria.

Our commercial business Mondo provides a range of services and solutions to enable community energy hubs and solar mini grids.

On the 16 February 2022, AusNet Ltd was acquired by Australian Energy Holdings No 4 Pty Limited, a company controlled by Brookfield Asset Management. The consortium of co-investors includes:

  • Sunsuper Superannuation Fund, an Australian multi-industry superannuation fund
  • Alberta Investment Management Corporation, an institutional investment manager for pension, endowment and government  funds in Alberta, Canada
  • Investment Management Corporation of Ontario, an investment manager overseeing assets on behalf of public sector institutions in Ontario, Canada
  • Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan, a defined benefit pension plan for healthcare workers in Ontario, Canada
  • Canada’s Public Sector Pension Investment Board.

We operate our three networks in a regulated environment. The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) sets the price movements for the electricity and gas networks once every five years. For more information on the AER’s role, visit www.aer.gov.au.

Through our industry association, the Energy Networks Association (ENA), we actively engage with critical issues about the future of energy in Australia. The ENA has published 2 major strategy reports about the future of electricity and gas networks in Australia. To learn more, visit: