Phillip Island Community Energy Storage System (PICESS)


We’ve built a new energy storage system on Phillip Island to give the community an additional power source during peak demand periods, such as the holidays and Grand Prix. This system works a little differently to our battery energy storage systems (BESS). It’s not a battery that supplies back-up power during an unplanned outage, but it helps to stabilise energy supply during peak demand periods.

A permanent energy storage system on the island:

  • reduces emissions, noise and the cost of running diesel generators throughout the year
  • supports the network during peak demand by powering more than 8000 homes for two hours, or 700 homes for a whole day
  • helps us gain a greater understanding of how energy storage systems fit into the broader energy transition, from coal-generated electricity to renewables
  • helps us meet Victoria’s strong renewable energy targets – that by 2030, 50% of our electricity is generated by renewables and to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

The $10 million development is a great example of our engagement and collaboration with Totally Renewable Phillip Island, the Bass Coast Shire and wider Phillip Island community during the designing and planning stages of the project.

Stage 1 of construction

Stage 2 of construction