Battery storage

AusNet are delivering big battery storage projects in Victoria.

What are Battery Energy Storage Systems?

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are large devices that can store and release energy on demand to support the delivery of electricity across Victoria. A BESS gathers energy from the electricity network powered by different sources, such as wind and solar, and stores it in rechargeable batteries for later use. When high demand events impact the network, such as hot days in summer, these batteries release this stored energy for homes and businesses to use.

BESS play an important role in Victoria’s transition to renewable energy, providing energy storage for grid-stabilisation which is vital to maintaining a reliable energy supply.

What does it mean for the community?

BESS increase grid stability, drive the development of clean energy technologies and allow for a smoother transition to a renewable energy future.

BESS also:

  • store excess power, including energy created by wind and solar, that can be used when renewable generation is lower
  • provide a reserve of power to the electricity system at times of high demand
  • provide bursts of power when required to maintain a stable network
  • provide back-up power to the network in an unplanned power outage, such as those caused by severe weather
  • support the delivery of the Victorian Government’s Renewable Energy Storage Targets

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