5MW and above Connections

Learn about the timeline, process, and cost of connecting and installing an embedded generator connection with more than 5MW capacity.

As of 1st July 2021, and in line with our approved Electricity Distribution Price Review for 2021-2026, we will include in any offers for connection of embedded generation above 1.5MW an amount to cover our tax costs arising from connection services revenues.

Generator connections into the AusNet (AST) Distribution Network, are classified as embedded generator connection. The AST distribution network is, generally, defined as all parts of the AST network which operate at 66kV or lower.

This page sets out the process, indicative costs and time frames of embedded generator connections with generation capacity of 5MW or greater.

Connections into the 220kV (and above) network are considered connections onto the Victorian Transmission Network. The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) manages the connection process for all Victorian Transmission connections and will be your main point of contact.

Need more information?

Email us at energyconnectionsSG@ausnetservices.com.au

The AusNet distribution network spans the east of Victoria.

Map of Victoria showing AusNet's distribution network

Don't know where to connect?

Use the Renewable energy map to check the available capacity of the Distribution Network. 

Find more information in our high-voltage network data portal which contains information such as ratings and connection data.

Time frames and process

There are 6 main stages in the process to connect generation capacities of 5 MW or greater to the AST Distribution Network. For a detailed outline of the full connection process please see the Distribution Connection Process Map (PDF, 89.5KB).

diagram of 6 stages: preliminary enquiry, letter agreement engagement, detailed enquiry, connection application, offer and contract execution, project delivery
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