Types of streetlights

In our electricity distribution network, streetlight maintenance responsibility is shared between us and VicRoads.

AusNet streetlights

We're responsible for all streetlights in our electricity distribution network that have a yellow panel with black numbers on the pole. These are called ‘pole numbers.’ The poles can be made from timber, concrete or steel and have a curved light bracket. 

VicRoads major roads lighting

Most lighting on major roads are owned and operated by VicRoads. You’ll see them on freeways and major arterial roads and intersections. VicRoads streetlights have straight light brackets. The pole has a white panel with black numbers and sometimes includes the VicRoads logo. 


Decorative lighting

Some areas, like new residential estates, have “decorative” streetlights. Aside from their unique shapes they are often coloured. We are responsible for repairing faulty decorative streetlights and work closely with councils, who provide replacements when required. To read more about this see decorative streetlights.

Contact your local council if you: 
  • want to move or relocate a streetlight
  • think a streetlight is too bright, or not bright enough
  • are concerned that a decorative streetlight has been replaced with a standard one. 

To find your local council, visit the Victorian government website