Securing your pets

We often need to visit properties for inspections, maintenance, or to read a meter. Keeping our people safe during these important tasks is a priority.

When to secure your pets for our safety

Sometimes, even the friendliest furry companions can have a bad day. So, we ask that all pets are secured when our crew are on your property.

During a meter reading

We read your gas meter once every two months. Most gas meters are located outside, usually on the corner of the house, opposite the driveway.

Most electricity meters in Victoria are smart meters – this means we can read it remotely. But some properties still have analogue meters that need to be read manually.

Please make sure our crew can safely and easily access your meter. If you have pets in the same area as your meter, make sure they’re secured on the day of your meter reading. You can find the date of your next meter reading on your latest gas or electricity bill.

If we knock on your door

We may knock on your door to tell you about some upcoming works or an inspection. Please secure your pet in a different room before answering the door.

When we’re clearing trees or branches

Keeping vegetation away from powerlines and poles is very important. Especially for the safe and reliable supply of electricity.
If we need to clear any vegetation on your property, you’ll get a letter at least 14 days before we start – giving you plenty of time to plan how you’ll secure your pet.

During planned works or inspections

To keep our electricity and gas network in top condition, we may carry out planned works and upgrades or routinely inspect powerlines, poles or gas pipes and meters, including those on your property.

You’ll always be told of any planned works in advance, so you can be prepared.