Aerial inspections

We own and operate Victoria’s electricity transmission network and one of the 5 distribution networks.

Each year our Aerial Operations Program inspects around 40,000 poles on our electricity network from the air.

We use specialised helicopters and crew to thoroughly inspect overhead powerlines and poles to ensure the electricity supply across the Ausnet distribution network remains safe and reliable.

Why we use helicopters

Helicopters significantly reduce the time taken to inspect an area.

They allow a bird’s-eye view for us to identify, monitor and repair any wear and tear or potential risks to supply, such as deterioration on the topside of poles.

Playing a vital role in keeping communities safe

Our aerial team also provides rapid response to assess damage and resolve any faults/outages that occur on the network after a severe weather event, such as storms, floods, or bushfires.

Protecting you from the noise

We're aware that noise from helicopters can present a risk to some livestock. That's why our specialised pilots remain alert for livestock and, where possible, change course to avoid unsettling animals.

We also send SMS notifications to customers in and around the scheduled flight area. To ensure you receive these notifications, please update your contact details with your electricity retailer.

Three images of a helicopter, two external and one in the cockpit

Aerial LiDAR Survey

From Monday 9th October to Friday 27th October, AusNet will be conducting Aerial LiDAR Survey on its Transmission network. This survey is part of the annual vegetation management program and will focus on finding any trees or foliage that is too close to the powerlines. This program is designed to keep the easements clear and make sure high-risk trees are identified.  Works to trim or remove vegetation will take place throughout the year, once data has been analysed.

To see an interactive map, download LiDAR Survey (KMZ) and follow the instructions to install.