Upgrading Shepparton Terminal Station

Location: Shepparton VIC

Timeframe: Completion by 2027


We’re planning essential upgrades to Shepparton Terminal Station to ensure the safety and reliability of your electricity supply and increase capacity for future renewable generation.

Works are expected to start in August 2024. The upgrades will continue for about 2 years.

What does this project involve?

The proposed upgrade includes:

  • demolishing the existing control building and constructing a new control building
  • constructing new container storage
  • upgrading electrical equipment
  • upgrading driveway access.

All works will happen within the existing terminal station compound. There will be limited visual change to the terminal station.

Is there a planning permit?

A planning permit has been approved by the Victorian Minister for Planning.


To get SMS or email updates throughout the project, please send your mobile number or email address to us.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the proposed upgrades:

Phone: 0447 053 355 during business hours

Email: majorprojects@ausnetservices.com.au