Heywood to Alcoa Portland tower replacement

Location: Portland West

Timeframe: Completion by 2028

Planning has begun to replace 27 transmission towers along the 500kV transmission line from Heywood Terminal Station to Alcoa Portland. These towers need to be replaced because they are approaching the end of their operational life.

This project will ensure that our infrastructure remains up to date, so we can continue to supply safe and reliable electricity.

Staged replacement

This project will be carried out in two stages over several years. We’ll begin near the coast and move inland.

Stage 1

The first stage will replace nine towers - six near the coast, plus three towers that we identified needed replacing sooner based on a recent condition assessment.

Stage 2

The second stage will replace the remaining 18 towers.


We are consulting with landholders who have these towers on their properties, and we will work with them to minimise impacts to their land, businesses and farming operations throughout the project.


The first stage to replace nine towers is currently in planning. Throughout 2024, we will work with our trusted design and construction partners to design the new towers and plan the construction phase.

Construction is expected to start from November 2024.

More information and contact

We will continue to update this page as the project progresses.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project: