Golden Plains Wind Farm

Location: Cressy, VIC

Timeframe: November 2022 – late 2024


We’ve been engaged by WestWind Energy and TagEnergy to connect the first stage of the Golden Plains Wind Farm to the electricity grid.

We’ll design, build, own and operate the transmission assets for the wind farm.

When the second stage is complete, the Golden Plains Wind Farm will have a capacity of 1,330 megawatts (MW), enough to power more than 750,000 homes a year, or every home in regional Victoria.

For more information, visit the Golden Plains Wind Farm website.

What we’re doing

  • Building the new Golden Plains Terminal Station
  • Building the new Cressy Terminal Station, including two 500/220 kilovolt (kV) transformers. The transformer will convert electricity from 220kV to 500kV.
  • Building a new 5-kilometre, 220 kV transmission line to connect the new Golden Plains Terminal Station.
  • Undertaking remote-end interface works on the existing 500 kV network.
  • Connecting the existing 500 kV network into the new Cressy Terminal Station.

Planning permit application

The planning permit application for a two-lot subdivision of land associated with the Cressy Terminal Station can be download via the links below or via the Department of Transport and Planning website.

Cressy Terminal Station Planning Report
Cressy Terminal Station Plans
Cressy Terminal Station POL Application Form Redacted
Cressy Terminal Station Title Plan
Cressy Terminal Station Title Redacted

Need more information?

For more information or if you have any questions about the wind farm, including the transmission assets, please contact Golden Plains Wind Farm:

Phone: 03 5421 9999