Planned outages

Maintenance, upgrades and replacements ensuring our network runs smoothly.

We invest around half a billion dollars a year to keep our electricity distribution network safe and reliable.

We make sure our power poles, powerlines and other infrastructure is in working condition. We do this through regular inspections, maintenance, replacements and upgrades.

This makes our network more resilient, supports expansion and reduces the likelihood of unplanned outages.

At times we will need to turn the power off for our people to safely perform this work. We're very thankful for our customers’ cooperation and understanding during a planned power outage.

More than 'maintenance'

What we do during these outages is so much more than ‘maintenance.’ In an average year:

  • we maintain and upgrade our existing network of more than 417,000 power poles, which services over 750,000 customers
  • we support communities by adding new powerlines and underground cables to our existing 52,000 kms of powerlines and cables
  • we upgrade infrastructure to enhance and improve the reliability of our network
  • we connect around 20,000 new customers to the grid and extend the network to support increased demand.

It’s a lot, and our team aims to bundle this work together where possible. We do this to minimise the impact of planned outages on a community.

Community updates for planned works

At times, some jobs can be bigger than others. If we’re working in your community for a period of time, this work may have a dedicated page with information and updates. If this type work is currently underway it will appear as a page below.