Are your solar exports limited? Join our leading trial to enjoy up to 5kW export as we work to shape our energy future

AusNet Ltd (AusNet) is looking for customers to join an innovative trial to help increase solar exports back into the grid and shape the future of our power network.

The rapid uptake of rooftop solar is putting pressure on the network across Australia, which results in some customers being limited in how much solar they can export, especially in highly congested areas where the limit may be as low as zero.

AusNet has partnered with SA Power Networks as part of an ARENA funded initiative to trial a new way of managing customer rooftop solar exports into the grid that dynamically matches solar access to the available network capacity, therefore increasing solar export opportunities for customers. 

John Theunissen, Head of Emerging Markets at AusNet believes this is an exciting opportunity for customers.

“By taking part in the trial, AusNet customers who currently have zero, or near zero export limits will be able receive up to 5kW flexible exports at times when the network can accommodate it, as well as contribute to developing a safer and more reliable electricity supply for Victoria,” said Mr Theunissen.

The 12-month trial aims to deliver long-term technical capabilities to be able to feed more rooftop solar energy into the grid using smart inverters. This means more customers, especially in congested areas, will be able to export solar back into the grid. This project is a big step towards standardised integration of customer Distributed Energy Resources.

AusNet is seeking expressions of interest for 75 customers to take part in the 12-month trial. Customers with restrictions on their solar exports of 2kW or less are encouraged to apply for the trial. Successful trial applicants must agree to installing an export controller device, along with a compatible inverter from Fronius, GroWatt, Firmer or SMA.

“At this stage the trial is limited to AusNet residential customers who are on congested networks and have an export limit of 2kW or less, as these are the customers who we believe will get most benefit from being part of the trial,” said Mr Theunissen.

AusNet has been working with the solar industry – including trial partner SA Power Networks; inverter manufacturers, Fronius and SMA; and energy management software company SwitchDin – to develop this smart alternative and build the technical capability needed to integrate more renewables onto the Victorian network.

For further details on the trial and to submit an expression of interest, please visit the trial page.    

Installers are also encouraged to register with to receive access to training and support for installing Droplets as part of the trial. 

This trial is partially funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) as part of the Advancing Renewables Program. Learn more about the program on the ARENA site