Engagement begins for AusNet EDPR 2026-31

AusNet is pleased to have commenced its customer engagement process for the Electricity Distribution Price Review (EDPR) 2026-31, the formal process undertaken with the Australian Energy Regulator every five years to determine expenditure plans for AusNet’s distribution network.

Executive General Manager Strategy, Regulation and Corporate Affairs for AusNet, Liz Ryan, said that making sure our customer’s voice is heard as part of this process is critical to our strategy of delivering for customers.

“Ensuring our proposals meet customers’ long-term interests, are efficient, and help achieve the decarbonisation of energy systems – consistent with the National Electricity Objective – is vitally important,” said Ms Ryan.

Members of AusNet’s stakeholder reference group recently met for the first time, marking the start of a co-designed extensive program to understand and engage customers.

The nine stakeholder reference group members and Chair, Tony Robinson, include ‘everyday’ customers in rural areas, to commercial and industrial customer advocates, to those working with customers experiencing vulnerability.

“Our panel members come from a variety of backgrounds and are united by their desire to represent our customers. They also have a willingness to shape the delivery of electricity to Victorian households and businesses,” said Ms Ryan.

During the next 18 to 24 months the reference group members will work alongside five sub-panels to discuss topics and issues related to future networks, electricity availability, customer experience, tariffs and pricing, and benchmarking.

The sub-panels and stakeholder reference group will be informed and supported by an extensive program of customer research to ensure the engagement approach delivers a broad, deep, credible understanding of AusNet customers’ needs, circumstances, perspectives, interests.

For further information and to provide input visit: https://communityhub.ausnetservices.com.au/edpr-2026-31-engagement