Draft plan for Gas Access Arrangement Review now open for public consultation

We're inviting our customers and stakeholders to have a say on our draft 2024-2028 Gas Access Arrangement Review plan (PDF, 2.5 MB).

Every five years we submit a proposal to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) outlining:

  • the services we offer our customers
  • the costs to deliver these services, and
  • how we’ll use the money we receive from the distribution charge customers pay on their gas bill.

The draft plan for 2024 – 2028 covers:

  • the role of gas networks in a zero-carbon economy and how we can best prepare for all scenarios
  • gas pricing and affordability
  • customer service, including for those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged
  • reliable and continuous gas supply
  • public health and safety
  • major investments
  • use of innovation to improve the network
  • demand forecasting
  • incentive schemes.

Customers are at the heart of everything we do

Understanding our customers' needs and preferences and knowing what's important to them allows us to focus on things that matter and make sure our plan provides long-term benefits.

We conducted several research and engagement activities to form the basis of our plan, including:

  • customer workshops
  • Major users customer forum
  • Future of Gas – workshops with industry experts
  • Victorian Gas Networks Stakeholder Roundtable
  • Retailer Reference Group
  • Priority Services Program Advisory Group

For more information, see pages 53 – 66 of the draft plan.

By working with and keeping our customers front of mind, we're delivering a plan that reflects what customers want and need from the gas network and laying the groundwork for a smooth transition to net zero emissions energy.

For more information on the Gas Access Arrangement Review, see Gas Distribution Charges.

Have your say

Share your feedback before 31 March 2022, by emailing 2024-28GAAR@ausnetservices.com.au.

We'll be submitting our plan for the upcoming regulatory period (1 July 2023 - 31 June 2028) to AER in July 2022 for review.


This high-level timeline shows the steps we're taking to deliver our proposal.

Timeline to deliver Gas access arrangement proposal
2021 Initial engagement period: We undertook extensive engagement throughout 2021 to understand our customers and stakeholders' needs and develop a fit-for-purpose draft plan
17 January 2022 Publish draft plan for consultation
January to May 2022 Engaging on draft plan
1 July 2022 Submit final draft plan to Regulator
August 2022 Submissions on final draft plan to Regulator
November 2022 Draft decision from Regulator
January 2023 Submit revised plan to Regulator
April 2023 Final decision from Regulator