AusNet Services launches annual campaign to help Victorians be power prepared for summer

AusNet launches annual campaign to help Victorians be power prepared for summer

2 December 2019

AusNet today launched its annual advertising campaign helping Victorians to be power prepared for summer.

AusNet works hard to keep the electricity network safe and reliable all year round. This includes extensive inspection and maintenance of poles and powerlines and management of trees and other vegetation to ensure it doesn’t pose a risk to lines. We increase this work in the lead up to summer and we also have extra crews on standby ahead of extreme weather events. But outages will still happen and we take our responsibility to educate our customers on how to be prepared seriously.

This year the campaign will include TV, radio, print media, outdoor and social media advertising to provide some helpful tips to our customers on how to prepare for outages. These tips include advice on how best to get information on restoration times during an outage as well as guidance on how to stay safe during outage events. We also ask our customers to check on neighbours during an outage particularly if they are elderly or could be vulnerable to the heat. And we also appeal to the broader community who aren’t vulnerable to heat to consider using a little less energy during peak periods to help keep the power flowing for everyone.

Launching the campaign Alistair Parker, Executive General Manager of Regulated Energy Services at AusNet said:

“Feedback from our customers on the campaign we ran last summer was that it really helped them think about how best to prepare for electricity outages. Our team works hard all year round and particularly in the lead up to summer to keep the network safe and reliable, but outages will still happen and its best to be power prepared.”

The advertising campaign will commence today and run throughout summer.

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About AusNet

AusNet is Victoria's largest energy delivery service, owning and operating approximately $11 billion of regulated electricity and gas distribution and transmission assets that connect into more than 1.4 million Victorian homes and businesses. Through its Commercial Energy Services businesses, the company also provides a range of commercial energy and infrastructure products. AusNet is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: AST).