$30 million for upgrades to AusNet's gas network

30 May 2024

AusNet has spent over $30 million on several gas network upgrade projects over the past 12 months across western Victoria, to ensure that customers are able to continue to use gas if they wish.

AusNet Executive General Manager Network Operations, Andrew Linnie, said these upgrades will allow AusNet to continue to distribute gas in a reliable and safe manner into the future.

“AusNet is focused on providing a safe and reliable gas network for our customers and preparing the network for peak periods during winter. One of the ways we do this is by upgrading older gas mains,” said Mr Linnie.

Over the last 12 months, we have upgraded existing low-pressure cast iron, PVC and galvanised gas mains with high-pressure, modern polyethylene pipes (poly pipes).

Upgrading low-pressure mains helps to manage the safety risk of gas leaks associated with older low-pressure networks.

“Leaks and blockages, although rare, can also cause outages. The availability of high-pressure gas means greater supply reliability and reduces the chance of interruptions.”

“We’re aiming to convert all of our low-pressure mains network to high-pressure by 2028, which is 280 kilometres of mains over the next three and a half years,” said Mr Linnie.

Our crews have also reinforced gas mains in areas predicted to experience more cold snaps and consecutive cold days, and regions at the fringes of our gas network.

Gas ready checklist

There are around 808,000 customers within AusNet’s gas distribution network who will be firing up their gas appliances as winter approaches.

There are a few simple steps people can take to be safe, warm and energy efficient over winter:

  • Get gas appliances serviced by qualified gasfitters.
  • Install draught seals on external windows and doors; this could save you up to $30 per year.
  • Set heater thermostats between 18 and 20 degrees; every degree higher can add 15 per cent to your bills.

During winter, peak demand and unforeseen events may cause temporary interruptions to gas supply on the so it’s important to know what to do during an outage.

How to prepare for gas outages

  • Don't use portable gas bottles or gas stoves indoors or in confined spaces. Only use gas appliances for their intended purpose
  • Call 13 67 07 to report any gas leaks or interruptions to your gas supply. You don’t need to turn your gas meter off before calling AusNet.
  • Stay away from suspected faulty or leaking gas pipes.
  • Life support customers can call AusNet’s priority line on 1800 818 832, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information on being gas ready this winter, visit Ausnet Be Gas Ready.