AusNet gas readiness survey

As your distributor, we work year-round to maintain our network and provide a reliable and safe supply for our customers.

Outages are more likely to occur during extreme weather or during peak demand periods like winter for gas or summer for electricity.

Every year, we contact our customers with information on the importance of being prepared for these occurances, including information how: 

  • we maintain a safe and reliable energy supply
  • we prepare the network each peak season
  • to prepare for events that impact the network
  • To stay safe around electricity or gas
  • customers can use strategies to save on bills.
  • to contact us.

The survey

To better understand how we can support our customers to prepare for potential outages this winter and the next, we also send out a survey. The survey takes around 10 minutes and is completely anonymous.

Here's what to expect:

  • You’ll get an email with a link to the survey.
  • The link in the email will look like this:
  • The link will take you to this page: (HX Platform is the tool we use for our customer surveys).

Survey responses

We use the anonymous survey responses to understand how our customers prepared for winter. The responses also help us improve our communications and ensure our activities are helping our customers prepare for next winter.

What to do

The survey is voluntary. If you receive an email from us with a '' link don’t be concerned. This is a legitimate communication from AusNet. It’s not spam or phishing.