How to get connected

Gas connections

We manage the gas distribution network across western Victoria. You don’t pay your bills to us, but we can help you get connected.

Whether you’re looking to add to an existing property or install a new natural gas connection, we’re here to help. 

How to get connected

Standard domestic new gas connections involve two stages. The first stage involves the service line connection (steps 1 – 6). The second involves connecting the gas meter (steps 7 – 11). The steps are shown below.

If the site is ready, we aim to complete the service line installations within 20 business days of receiving your Service Connection Request (SCR). Gas meter connections are completed within 2 business days of receiving your Meter Fix Request (MFX). 

  • 1. Customer


    Find out if natural gas is available at your property using our Listing Database, Cost Calculator or ask your Retailer.


  • 2. Customer


    Choose your gas appliances so that we connect the right service for your needs.

  • 3. Builder/Customer


    Make sure your property is ready for service connection. See Site Readiness Guide.

  • 4. Customer


    Request a service line installation with your preferred Retailer.

  • 5. AusNet


    AusNet checks that the site is ready for connection and that the meter location is compliant.

  • 6. AusNet


    If the site is ready and the meter location is compliant, AusNet installs the gas service line.

  • 7. Plumber


    Your plumber installs the gas appliances and then lodges a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) with the VBA.

  • 8. Customer


    Request the meter installation with your Retailer.  You will need the CoC and Plumber's Licence number.

  • 9. Ausnet


    If the site is ready and the meter position is compliant, AusNet installs the gas meter.

  • 10. Plumber


    Your plumber makes sure your gas appliances are working and safe to use.

  • 11. Customer


    Start using your new natural gas.  Enjoy!