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Service standards

We strive to deliver a reliable gas service.  

The service we provide is covered by our Guaranteed Service Levels (GSL) scheme. You may be eligible to compensation if we do not meet these levels. 

Please remember, these Guaranteed Service Level payments happen automatically. They are calculated at the end of each quarter. You don’t need to lodge a claim to qualify.  

For repeat interruptions, this happens at the end of the calendar year. The GSL payment will appear as a credit on your electricity bill and you don't need to do anything.   


Max GSL Payment




Sometimes we need you present for an appointment.  
If we fail to attend on time, you'll receive payment for each time you're waiting more than 2 hours. 

 $50 If you don't need to be there but we fail to attend the property on the agreed appointment date.  
 $80 per day up to $240


If we fail to connect your property within 1 day of the agreed date.  


Repeat interruptions: 

If you experience 5 unplanned interruptions in a calendar year due to network issues  

 $150 extra 10 unplanned interruptions a calendar year due to network issues 

Lengthy interruptions: 

If we interrupt your gas supply for more than 12 hours  

 $150 extra If we interrupt your gas supply for more than 18 hours 

GSL payments are subject to certain conditions as outlined in the Gas Distribution System Code. Read more on the Victorian Essential Services Commission website.

Site clean up  

In most underground gas network jobs, we need to excavate nature strips and public paths or roads. This must happen before we install new gas services or carry out repairs to the network.  

If we work on a nature strip, we aim to level the soil on the day we complete our work. We then let the soil settle for several days. This is to ensure there is no subsidence around the gas pipes. Once the soil has settled, revegetate the site with grass and fresh topsoil.   

We'll also put down temporary backfill of bitumen if remove any bitumen or concrete outside your property. We notify your local council afterwards so they can carry out the permanent repair.