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Gas distribution charges

Gas distribution charges in Victoria are regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). We submit a proposal to the AER every 5 years. This process is the Gas Access Arrangement Review (GAAR).   

This sets our charges for a 5-year period. It also helps us plan how we'll use money collected via the distribution charge on customers’ bills.  

Our current regulatory period expires on 30 June 2023.   

Read our current Gas Access Arrangement (2018 – 2022) on the AER website

In June 2022, we will submit our proposal for the upcoming 2023-2028 regulatory period to the AER. 


Customer focused planning 

To help inform our next GAAR, we are seeking customer input.   

Customer feedback will help shape the future of gas and improve day-to-day services for all Victorians. We're speaking to a wide range of residential, business and commercial customers. Other stakeholders will also have input. These include the government, gas plumbers, retailers, advocates, and appliance manufacturers.   

Understanding the needs and wants of our customers is important to us. It helps us develop the best possible plans and meet the long-term interests of gas consumers. This is inline with the National Gas Objective. 

We are working with Victoria’s other 2 gas networks on our 2023-28 proposals.  View the joint engagement plan on our site here (PDF, 944KB). 

We are asking our customers and stakeholders what is important to them about their gas distribution services. Our customer talks focus on:  

  • The role of gas in the future of energy, 
  • Price and affordability of gas, 
  • Customer service and experience, including for customers in vulnerable circumstances, 
  • Reliability and continuity of supply, 
  • Public health and safety, 
  • Major investments including mains replacement works, IT and new projects, 
  • Innovation, 
  • Regulatory building blocks and demand forecasting, and
  • Incentive schemes.   


We’ll also include other topics that may appear during the engagement process.  

For more information on our engagement activities, head to the Gas Matters website.   

To join the review, contact our Research & Engagement Manager, Lucy Holder, on  

More information  

Learn more about GAAR and our engagement program on our site with this fact sheet (PDF, 848 KB).