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Corporate Governance

We’re committed to following best practice corporate governance procedures to ensure we’re accountable, transparent, fair and responsible. 

You can read our board charter on our site here (PDF, 225 KB). 

You can also find our Corporate governance statement (PDF, 913 KB) and Modern slavery statement (PDF, 1,664KB) on our site. We publish these each year. This helps our governance remain transparent.


Risk management 

The Audit and Risk Committee and the Board hold the Managing Director accountable. They are responsible for executing our risk management framework.  

This includes:  

  • Establishment and maintenance of risk identification,  
  • Management processes, and   
  • Monitoring of material business risks (financial and non-financial).   

We manage risks across the business. We identify, analyse, and prioritise risks in a consistent manner.   

Our risk management governance structure has two components:  

1) The Audit and Risk Committee Charter (PDF, 236 KB). This oversees the financial and risk management functions within AusNet.    

2) The Group Risk Committee. They manage risk in line with AusNet’s business objectives and industry regulations. 


Nomination and remuneration committees 

The Nomination Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board for key positions.  

This includes:  

  • New directors,   
  • Senior managers, and 
  • Board and board committee membership and performance, board succession planning.

While the Remuneration Committee advises on remuneration for directors, senior managers and employees. 


Corporate governance policies 

For transparency, you can read all our policies on our website via the links below: