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Corporate Governance

The Board Charter outlines our commitment to continually review and update our corporate governance policies and practices in accordance with current best practice. Our Corporate Governance Statement and Modern Slavery Statement are published annually. References within this statement to 'the Directors' Report' relate to the report of that name within the Annual Report.

Market-related policies

AusNet Services has developed market-related policies for AusNet Services' Directors, employees and management. 


Risk Management

We are committed to understanding and effectively managing risk to provide greater certainty and confidence for our security holders, employees, customers, suppliers and for the communities in which we operate.

The Audit and Risk Committee of the Board has oversight of the adequacy and effectiveness of our risk management processes and internal control systems, including the establishment and maintenance of risk identification and management processes and the monitoring of material business risks (financial and non-financial).

The Managing Director is accountable to the Audit and Risk Committee and the Board for the implementation of risk management processes in line with good corporate governance.

We manage risks on an enterprise-wide basis - risks are identified, analysed, evaluated and prioritised in a consistent manner using common systems and methodologies.

Our risk management governance structure has two components.  The charter of the Audit and Risk Committee of the Board is to oversee the financial and risk management functions within AusNet Services.  The Group Risk Committee - which involves the Managing Director and Executive Managers - makes decisions and manages risk in accordance with AusNet Services' business objectives, risk tolerance and delegated authorities.



Nomination and Remuneration Committees

The Nomination Committee is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations to the Board in relation to the appointment of new Directors, review of Board and Board Committee membership and performance, Board succession planning and the appointment of Senior Managers.


The Remuneration Committee is charged with reviewing and advising the Board on matters relating to the remuneration of Directors and Senior Managers and the performance of Senior Managers and employees.