Meter data

How to access your meter data below.

Our digital meters, also known as ‘smart meters’ record electricity usage every half-hour and send this information to us four times a day.

As a result, we’re better able to monitor and manage your supply, and respond more quickly if there’s an outage.

Access your meter data

You will need to submit a request to see your data.

You can see up to two years of meter data via the Metering Data Portal on our site.

Call us on 1300 360 795 to upgrade to a smart meter so you can track energy usage daily.

I have a smart/digital meter

To view the electricity usage on a smart meter, log-into myHomeEnergy. You will need to register for a myHomeEnergy account before logging in.

myHomeEnergy is a free web tool that allows you to:

  • view usage data in graphs
  • extract data into a compatible online comparison tool, like Victorian energy compare. You can view the state government comparison tool here.

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