Save money on your bills with energy concessions

Title: Save money on your bills with energy concessions
Duration: 2 minutes 6 seconds  
Narration: Female voiceover 

[Video begins]

[Voiceover]: To shrink the cost of your electricity and gas bills, your first step is to ask for energy concessions. If you have one of these cards, you have a right to ask your energy company for a concession and you’ll save money on your bills.

[Description]: We see an animation of a laptop and fingers typing. On the screen are some energy websites. Some concession cards fly in on the screen.

[Voiceover]: If your income has been impacted by coronavirus, you might also be sent a Health Care Card.

[Description]: An animation of a mobile phone with a person dancing on it comes on the screen followed by woman with two thought bubbles. Concession cards show up in the bubbles. We then see an animation of a man sitting at a desk on a laptop.

[Voiceover]: This card gives you the right to get other concessions and benefits. Getting an energy concession makes you part of a special group. It means you pay less on every bill. Energy concessions are different to energy company discounts and pay on time deals. They’re supported by the government. So you don’t need to pay your bills on time or by direct debit to receive concessions.

[Description]: An animation of an elderly man comes on the screen. He is wearing a pink robe. The shakes out a piggy bank and out drops coins. We then see him stand in front of a heater with his hands reached out for warmth. We then see him on the phone with a concession card in his hand.

[Voiceover]: Okay let’s get to the good stuff. How much money can you save with energy concessions? Most people can save around $320 per year, just with the main annual electricity concession. But there are a bunch of different concessions. From lower bills for gas heating or just to tackle high bills, you could save even more. Ask your energy company to confirm you’re getting every concession you should be.

[Description]: We see an animation of a lady with a thought bubble. In the thought bubble is another lady with a headset on. The first lady takes out her phone and a calendar shows up on the screen. She then makes a phone call to her energy company.

[Voiceover]: On that note, it’s a good idea to call your energy company once a year to check your concessions and make sure you’re getting the cheapest energy prices. Why not put a yearly reminder in your calendar? Think you’ve been missing out on concessions? No problem. Ask your energy company to backdate them for you. Ok, lets recap.

[Description]: We see an animation of a laptop screen with hands typing and energy websites on the screen.