Electricity saving tips - video transcript

Duration: 32 seconds
Narration: Male voiceover

[Video begins]

[Description]: We see the AusNet logo and the words Your electricity distributor.

[Voiceover]: Scared to look at your power bill? You’re not alone. But there are things you can do to lessen the shock.

[Description]: We see an animated icon of a power bill with a $ sign.

[Voiceover]: Set your washing machine to cold water, you could save around $40 to $80 a year.

[Description]: We see an animated icon of a washing machine with cold (blue) water in it.

[Voiceover]: Look around your living room at night – all those little red lights on your TV and other appliances are using power.

[Description]: We see an animated icon of a flat screen TV with a red light on the bottom.

[Voiceover]: Install a standby power controller to turn them off when you’re not using them.

[Description]: We see an animated off switch.

[Voiceover]: Visit us online for more tips.

[Description]: We see the AusNet logo, a 24/7 icon, the phone number 13 17 99 and the URL ausnetservices.com.au/powerprepared