Energy usage data

We get requests from the public to share information and data about energy usage within our electricity distribution network.

This page is updated annually and includes data by postcode and local government area about net metered energy of customer connections. It does not include information about unmetered energy, energy losses or any data with fewer than 10 customers on the last day of the reporting period.

The information in the table below complies with our privacy policy.

Energy usage data (XLSX, 448 KB)
July 2021 to June 2022

This file contains two tables of energy consumption data within a Local Government Area (LGA) or postcode:

  • yearly and monthly breakdown in kWh, by postcode and by domestic & business customers
  • yearly and monthly breakdown in kWh, by LGA and by domestic & business customers.

To satisfy privacy requirements, all postcodes with fewer than 10 connections, by customer or consumption type have been removed.

Before using this data, please read the Important Information tab in this file.