What we do

Learn about what we do at AusNet including our energy transmission and distribution network.

We own and operate three regulated electricity and gas networks.

We're owned by Australian Energy Holdings No 4 Pty Ltd. For more information, see About.


Our distribution network covers 80,000 square kilometres, with 93% being in regional and rural areas. It consists of more than:

  • 39,000 km of overhead powerlines
  • 15,660 km of underground cables
  • 418,400 power poles
  • 90,000 streetlights.

Our transmission network

Our transmission network spans 6,620 kilometres and transports power from where it's generated to Victoria’s five distribution networks, and connects and supplies power to 6.6 million Victorians. We also help connect power to New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania.

Our distribution network

Our electricity distribution network feeds electricity to 802,000 customers across eastern and north-eastern Victoria, and in Melbourne's north and east.



We are one of three gas distribution businesses in Victoria. Our network covers 12,587 km, in an area of 60,000 square kilometres. The network includes:

  • mains
  • mainline valves
  • pressure regulating facilities (including city gates, field and district regulators)
  • service pipes
  • meters and ancillary equipment.

Our gas distribution network

We distribute gas to 792,000 residential, industrial, and commercial customers in western Melbourne, Geelong and parts of western Victoria.

Development and future networks (including Mondo)

Development and future networks provides contracted infrastructure asset and energy, and a range of utility services, to support the management of electricity, gas and water networks that fall outside the regulated asset base.

We're introducing more green energy to the grid by connecting wind farms, solar farms, and energy storage. Our mini-grids and solar programs are supporting regional communities to become more resilient and achieve their energy goals.

The Mondo water and gas field team supports a range of utility services, including Yarra Valley Water and Central Highlands Water.

For more information, visit the Mondo website.

For more about our renewables connections, see Completed projects.