Stand Alone Power Systems (SAPS)

For around 1 – 5 customers

SAPS are an independent electricity generation and supply system. In our network, these systems are deployed on the network side of a property’s smart meter and are classified as utility-grade. Its various components can operate independently of the distribution network, making it more suitable for remote customers. For SAPS deployed by us, or by a third-party on our behalf, we can retire the powerline to the customer’s residence so the customer gets 100% renewable energy when the SAPS is operating normally. In most cases, a property will need some type of backup generation to support the solar and battery system. 

Technology suite:

SAPS vary in size depending on the maximum anticipated load they need to support. They often have: 

  • a solar photovoltaic (PV) system – e.g. ground mounted solar 
  • a small battery bank – usually contained within the SAPS cabinet
  • a backup generator 
  • protection and control equipment.

Key considerations for deployment:

  • Our Stand Alone Power Program is exclusively available to existing customers who meet the necessary criteria and are connected to our network. 
  • Ensure the SAPS can deliver the maximum anticipated load at the property.We adopt a strong focus on direct engagement with the property owners to ensure any plans to install a SAPS align with the property owner’s interests. 
  • Land lease agreements and system location (as appropriate). 

Community benefits:

  • 100% renewable energy for customers connected to the SAPS. 
  • Pride of deploying a community energy solution. 
  • Increased reliability of power supply. 
  • Increased resilience during severe weather events. 
  • No dependency on the distribution network. 
  • Lower carbon emissions as the electricity supply primarily comes from renewable energy sources, such as solar charging with battery storage. 
  • Reduced safety hazards – e.g. lower risk of starting bushfires. 

AusNet’s Stand Alone Power Program

Are you a remote customer interested in learning more about this innovative solution? Download our Stand Alone Power System brochure (PDF, 5 MB). It gives an overview of the benefits and the six-stage engagement and development process that we follow to help customers clarify eligibility and what’s involved. If you’re considering a SAPS for your property, we’ll support you every step of the way.