Off-grid microgrids

For around 20 – 1000+ customers

An off-grid microgrid is very similar in design and operation to a grid connected microgrid. The primary difference is that the off-grid microgrid only operates in islanded mode. It’s completely disconnected from the wider network (islanding the community full-time).

Technology suite:

  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) system.
  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).
  • Diesel generator, or alternative carbon free solution as a backup generation source.
  • Orchestration platform.
  • Protection and control equipment.

Key considerations for deployment:

  • Network requirements - e.g. additional protection requirements to minimise bushfire risks.
  • Designing the microgrid’s orchestration logic and capability to facilitate all anticipated loads and generation sources within the community.
  • Community support and acceptance of new or alternative technologies.
  • Does the solution’s cost and complexity align to your community’s primary objective?
  • Land lease agreements and system location (as applicable).

Community benefits:

  • 100% renewable energy within the off-grid microgrid’s operational zone.
  • Pride of deploying a community energy solution.
  • Increased resilience during severe weather events.
  • Increased reliability of power supply.
  • Increased safety - e.g. lower risk of starting bushfires.