Distribution substation data

Distribution substation data can help you define the right energy solution type and size for your project or research. For a community energy project, the most common and useful data types are listed below.



Where to get this data

Data format

How to use this data

Outage information

Summary of outages for the network feeder, including:
unplanned and planned outages
momentary feeder outages.

AusNet Services’ Annual Reporting RIN (Regulatory Information Notice) data on the AER (Australian Energy Regulator) website.


CSV file of outage data.

To understand the community’s challenges, so a suitable energy solution can be selected that reduces power outages (where applicable).

This data may also help you size the chosen energy solution.

Zone substation load profile.

This includes a High Voltage (HV) network map and various line locations (e.g. 66kV to 6.6kV line).

AusNet - Rosetta Data Portal (ausnetservices.com.au)

CSV file of zone substation load profile.

To understand the load profile of the zone substation so you can define the size of the energy solution required.