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Every five years, we develop plans for how we will provide safe and reliable electricity distribution services and how much will cost. We've negotiated parts of these plans with expert customer representatives (an Australian first!). 

Our draft proposal gives you the opportunity to tell us what you think about some of the big issues for your energy supply over the next five years and into the future. 

The way households and businesses receive energy is changing rapidly and we want to ensure that our customers have a say as we try and deliver what they want. 


A summary of our proposal is available for your viewing, or you can also read through our full Draft Regulatory Proposal.

  • Further 'deep-dive' consultation workshops

    We are planning a number of ‘deep-dive’ workshops for interested customers and stakeholders in early 2019. In these workshops we will discuss key elements of our proposal in detail, seeking your views and opinions. 

    We are currently proposing the following dates and topics:

    Date Topic of 'deep-dive' 
     Monday 11 February 2019  Customer Experience, Operational Expenditure and Innovation
     Wednesday 27 February 2019  Public Lighting 
     Tuesday 12 March 2019  Capital Expenditure 1: Replacement and Augmentation Expenditure
     Late March 2019  Pricing for Residential and Small to Medium Business Customers 
     Thursday 23 May 2019  Capital Expenditure 2: Information Technology and Integration of Distributed Energy Resources  

    If you are interested in participating, or want to learn more about these workshops, please contact Stephanie Judd at


  • Customer input to the Draft Proposal

    AusNet Services’ Draft Regulatory Proposal has already benefited from customer engagement and input. We researched our customers’ needs and preferences to develop our plans, and in a ground-breaking trial we agreed parts of these plans with an independent Customer Forum group capable of representing the perspectives of our customers.

    Further information on this process is available on our Customer Forum page. At this page you will also find the Customer Forum’s Interim Engagement Report, which has its interim findings, the negotiation process so far and the Forum’s input to the Draft Proposal. We would encourage you to read the Customer Forum’s report.

  • Timeline

    The key stages of the revenue setting process for 2021-25, including the publication of our Draft Proposal, are shown in the timeline below (click to enlarge).

    EDPR timeline