Powerline and pole inspections

We've been inspecting the powerlines and poles for over 100 years ensuring the safe and reliable supply of electricity to communities.

What's involved?

Every three to six years we routinely inspect over 44,705km of overhead powerlines to identify any issues before they become a problem for our customers. 

  1. Our asset inspectors assess the overhead powerlines on the street and on your property.
  2. These inspections include taking photos using cameras, drones, or other advanced methods to assess the powerlines.
  3. We may need to remove some vegetation around poles and wires. We also check wooden poles for rot or termites and may need to dig around the base to assess their integrity.     
  4. Our crew will knock on your door before starting an inspection but can also complete their assessment without you being on the premises.
  5. If you’re located in a high bushfire-risk area, ground based routine inspections occur every six years, with aerial inspections occurring in between. If you are in a low bushfire-risk area, ground based inspections will be every five years. 

What's the benefit to customers and the community?

Successful inspections are vital to help avoid power outages and disruptions for homes and businesses across Victoria. We’ve been conducting these routine inspections for more than 100 years. Thorough inspections of our electrical assets can also help prevent potential causes of bushfires.

Frequently asked questions