Victorian big battery 

Title: Victorian big battery

Duration: 48 seconds

[Video begins]

[Music plays]

[Description]: We see a crop field with an electricity sub-station in the distance, the camera tracks towards the sub-station.

In front of transmission lines, leading out of the sub-station, are large Tesla batteries.

We switch to a gravel road leading into the large batteries area.

We see the text “The Victorian Big Battery is now operating”.

We see many rows of large batteries.

Against the background of some of the batteries, we see the text “Australia’s largest battery, 300 MW, 450 MWh, 212 Megapacks.

The camera tracks between rows of batteries and we see the text “Delivering grid stability for all Victorians.

Saving Victorians $220m over the next decade.”

We see the sun shining behind a Tesla battery.

Against an aerial view of the rows of batteries, we see the text “Supporting Victoria’s transition to 50% renewables by 2030.”

We see an aerial view of the sub-station and battery area at sunset.

We see the logos of:

  • AEMO
  • Victorian state government
  • CEFC
  • Tesla
  • AusNet
  • Neoen