Salt Creek Wind Farm - video transcript

Title: Salt Creek Wind Farm
Duration: 1 minute 2 seconds

[Video begins]

[Music plays]:

[Description]: We see a herd of cows walking up a dirt road next to power lines.

We see the text “AusNet Services Wind Farm Connection Project”.

We see a windmill with wind turbines behind it and the text “Tilt Renewables Salt Creek Wind Farm.

We see a field of wind turbines and the text “Powering more than 30,000 homes”.

We see an aerial view of cows on a dirt road next to power lines and the text “50km of 66kV transmission line”.

We see a high-tension transmission line and the text “47 strain poles”.

We see a long line of power poles next to a dirt road through green fields and the text “220 intermediate poles”.

We see an aerial view of the wind farm control area with wind turbines all around.

We travel along the power lines at high speed until we reach the sub station and see the text “Building the link to your energy future.”

On a blank screen we see the text “AusNet would like to thank Tilt Renewables.