Talk to your building manager

Title: Talk to your building manager
Duration: 42 seconds  
Narration: Female voiceover

[Video begins]

[Voiceover]: At AusNet Services we’re working hard this summer to keep the power flowing. Over the hotter months the grid is put under greater pressure. That’s why we’re making the network as strong as possible. But outages will still happen.

[Description]: We see a woman walking through the streets of Melbourne, and the Melbourne city scape.

[Voiceover]: That’s why it’s important that we’re all power prepared this summer.

[Description]: We see the woman walk through revolving doors into 2 Southbank Boulevard, then walking through an office floor with a man, they are both wearing face masks.

[Voiceover]: A little bit of planning goes a long way. Talk with your building manager if you live or work in a building that has elevators or electronic card access to understand how they will deal with the possibility of prolonged power outages.

[Description]: We see the woman and man walk into an elevator and out onto the street. The man is pointing at other buildings.

[Voiceover]: Let’s work together to be power prepared this summer.

[Description]: We see a woman in an office and this text:

Let’s be power prepared this summer.