Power contingency

Title: Power contingency
Duration: 47 seconds
Narration: Female voiceover

[Video begins]

[Voiceover]: At AusNet Services, we're working hard to keep the power flowing.

[Description]: Music comes on and we see 2 men working on a power pole followed by a female talking to the camera.

[Voiceover]: Over the hotter months the grid is put under greater pressure. That's why we're making the network as strong as possible, but outages can still happen.

[Description]: We zoom in on an air conditioner and then a scene of AusNet workers in the field installing a power line.

[Voiceover]: It's important we're all power prepared this summer. A little bit of planning goes a long way, especially if you're energy dependent like a registered life-support customer, elderly or if you're running a business.

[Description]: We go back to the woman speaking to the camera, and then we see some life support equipment in the next scene. We cut to a woman stacking fruit in the supermarket.

[Voiceover]: Being prepared is key. Make sure you keep your power contingency plans up to date so you have alternative arrangements if the power goes out.

[Description]: We see an AusNet worker go up to the door of a house. She knocks on the door and another woman answers. They talk. We cut to a woman working in a supermarket followed by a scene on a busy street.

[Voiceover]: If you're a registered life-support customer, speak to your doctor. Or if you're running a business dependent on energy, have a chat to your local supplier to see if a generator is right for your business.

[Description]: We see a blue screen with the AusNet logo in the bottom right hand corner and the following words on the screen:

Let’s be power prepared for summer.