Mapping vehicles and aerial inspection

Title: Mapping vehicles and aerial inspection
Duration: 1 minute 22 seconds  
Narration: Male voiceover

[Video begins]

[Description]: We see an aerial view of power lines, a person taking photos from a helicopter and a car driving around suburbs with equipment on the roof. We see text:

Have you seen our mapping vehicles or aerial inspection team in your area?

[Voiceover]: At AusNet Services we’re using new technology to create a three D model of our electricity distribution network. This innovative technology improves safety by better determining when trees are growing too close to powerlines in your area.

[Description]: We see a heat map images of buildings and power lines. And a man in an AusNet high visibility shirt with a helicopter on the ground behind him. We see this text:

Gavan, AusNet Services

[Voiceover]: There are a number of ways we are capturing the imaging. Our AusNet Services branded mapping vehicles will be driving along the streets, capturing images of powerlines. If powerlines are only accessible from your property, an asset inspector may visit with a camera. We’ll always either knock on your door or leave a calling card.

[Description]: We see an AusNet branded car driving along suburban streets and the view from the car. We see a woman in an AusNet high visibility shirt and hard hat walk up a driveway and knock on a door.

[Voiceover]: Our aerial inspection team will also be capturing a model from above. We’re always looking for innovative ways to deliver a safe and reliable network to the communities we serve. That means you may notice our low-flying helicopters more often, as they carry out our normal inspections of the lines as part of our regular maintenance program. As well as capturing the lines from above to build a 3D model.

[Description]: We see the same man and helicopter, then a group of people in high visibility clothing walk to the helicopter. We see views of power lines from the helicopter and cameras and screens inside the helicopter.

[Voiceover]: Don’t be alarmed if you see our pilots flying low, they’re specifically trained for low flying operations in regional areas and do pull away around livestock. Each flight has a spotter onboard to undertake various safety tasks, including looking out for livestock.

[Description]: We see the helicopter flying low around trees and views of cattle from the helicopter.

[Voiceover]: If you want to stay up to date on when we’ll be in your area, follow our Facebook page or visit our website.

[Description]: We see the same man, then a blue screen with this text:

Let’s be power prepared for summer