Bushfire plans

Title: Bushfire plans 
Duration: 52 seconds  
Narration: Male voiceover

[Video begins]

[Voiceover]: At AusNet services we’re working hard this summer to keep the power flowing.

[Description]: We see two workers in high vis vests and hard hats in an aerial work platform, working on power lines. We see the text:

Have you considered loss of power in your bushfire plans?

[Voiceover]: Over the hotter months, the grid’s put under greater pressure. That’s why we’re making the network as strong as possible, but outages will happen. That’s why it’s important we’re all power prepared this summer.

[Description]: We see workers in a crane, working on power lines.

[Voiceover]: During a bushfire, for safety reasons, we may have to turn the power off in your area even if your property isn’t affected.

[Description]: We see two men, one in a CFA jacket and one in an AusNet high visibility shirt and the text:

Derek, AusNet Services

[Voiceover]: That’s why it’s so important your bushfire plan should include the possible loss of power, especially if you’re using electric water pumps.

[Description]: We see the same men and the image of a water pump and the text:
Ian, AusNet Services and CFA Volunteer.

[Voiceover]: A little bit of planning goes a long way. So, now’s the time to prepare your property for the fire season ahead.

[Description]: We see a bushfire risk board at Low-Moderate moving to Extreme.

[Voiceover]: Pick up your copy of the property preparation guide from your local CFA.

[Description]: We see the same men one holding up a copy of the ‘Your Guide to Property Preparation’ guide.

[Voiceover]: Let’s work together to be power prepared this summer.

[Description]: We see a worker in safety gear stepped off a truck next to a power pole. Then a blue screen with the text:

Let’s be power prepared for summer.

AusNet services